prolonging detail service

Tips for Prolonging Your Car Detail Service

It seems that most people who invest in mobile car detailing, understand the long term positive effects of protecting the exterior of their car with regular maintenance and special sealants.

But, how can we encourage people to take a more active role in maintaining the work done on their cars?

For starters, we encourage car owner too carry a micro-fiber cloth in their car at all times. Obviously, this allows the owner of the car to easily pull out the cloth to wipe off any dust that has accumulated on the interior of the car.

But, we also recommend these micro-fiber cloths to be used after it has rained. When you find that your car has some droplets leftover you can use the cloth to wipe them off so that you can protect the detailing work that has been done in between appointments.

Aside from using a simple micro-fiber cloth, car owners can also invest in products to prolong the effectiveness of products used during their mobile detailing service.

For instance, cars with leather interiors can easily be maintained with touch ups using products recommended by their car detail technician during their service.

For outdoor components such as trim and tires, there are products on the market that can help you keep the shine and protection between your car care services.

Beyond products you can apply to your car, we also recommend the use of a tarp or car cover to help protect your car from the elements. This really prolongs the life of your paint job and in sunny climates, helps to minimize the damage that can occur due to long hours of being exposed to the sun.