Business Junk Removal

Benefits of Using a Professional Junk Removal Company

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Most people think getting rid of junk or debris is a Do-it Yourself type of job and are reluctant to reach out to a professional junk removal company. That’s because most people underestimate all of the things you need to consider when removing junk from your home or business.

We spoke to La Mesa Junk Pros to get an idea of what type of planning and coordination needs to take place in order to haul away people’s junk and this is what they said.

First, you need to make sure you have a true understanding of how big of a truck you will need in order to haul everything away. The most common mistake people make is underestimating how much junk they have. They usually end up having to make multiple trips to dump their junk spending more on gas than they had planned and spending way more time than they had anticipated on hauling their junk. This definitely leads to a lot of frustration.

Not only this, but underestimating how much space you’ll need can lead people to overpack their truck. This can lead to a dangerous situation if the items are not secured properly. How many time have you been driving on the highway only to see a piece of furniture or other items that have fallen out of a truck?

This type of situation can be avoided by hiring a professional junk removal company, which not only have the right sized truck, but also has plenty of harnesses, rope and straps to secure all items.

The second thing do it yourselfers don’t think about is the fact that some items require special disposal. Paint, electronics, old mattresses and other items require proper disposal. Trying to throw away some of these items in your trash can will likely lead to fines from the city. A professional junk removal company knows exactly how to dispose of specialty items and what the requirements are for your specific city or county.

The last thing people underestimate is the professionalism and tools needed to get the work done safely and efficiently. Most people round up a few friends or extended family in order to get the work done. Oftentimes, this can lead to unintentional damage to the property or work area as well as injury to some of the volunteers who are working without the tools they need.

Junk removal companies have everything they need to get any job done. If a bit of light demolition work is needed, they have the team and the tools to do it safely.

If proper disposal of speciality items is needed, they have the right knowledge and resources to do the job correctly without any headaches or wasted time.

All in all, hiring a professional junk removal company helps you avoid common pitfalls with hauling away unwanted items. Plus it can save you time, money, and headaches in the long run.


Starting a Mobile Detailing Business

Detailing businesses have existed for as long as there have been modes of personal transportation. People understand that the regular care and maintenance of their car really matters. Not only this, people, more than ever, are able to keep cars for longer periods of time, prompting them to look at ways to keep their cars not only running well, but looking good as well.

Plus, when you add to this the fact that people increasingly have less time due to extended job hours, juggling multiple jobs or going to school as well, and mobile detailing just makes sense. People want an option that saves them time and mobile detailing is a perfect way to cross something off the to-do list without having to take extra time from their already busy schedules.

So, there is obviously a need for this type of service. And, done correctly, auto detailing can be a lucrative business for you.

There are a few things to consider when you’re looking into starting this type of business. Tom from Orlando Mobile Detailing Pros shared a few things you should think about before starting your business.

For starters, get a real understanding of what the market in your city looks like. Compare what type of packages and prices different mobile detailers are offering to their customers. This will give you an understanding of the potential profit you can make form your business.

Also, keep in mind what region of the country you are setting up shop. For example, his business is in Orlando, Florida, which basically has sunny weather all year around. Which means, his business stays busy year-round and is not slowed down by harsh winters.

Another thing to consider is the population and demand for detailing and car care services. Doing research on the area and search volume for this type of service can help you understand the income potential.

Now, Tom did highlight the fact that a completely mobile car detailing business has low start up costs since you will not have to invest in an actual physical location as a start up cost.

Keep in mind that the largest upfront cost for starting your business would be the vehicle. This required that you purchase a vehicle that is large enough to carry all tools and materials needed for handling a variety of car detailing and other vehicle detailing services.

In addition to that, keep in mind that you will need to find a vehicle that accommodate space for you to complete the back end activities of your business as well. Things such as record-keeping, payment processing and client communication will likely take place in your vehicle so make sure it is large enough and organized as well.